A controversy has sparked in a little town in Canada. Peter LaBarvera, president of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was detained and denied entry into Canada on April 10. He was denied entry at Regina airport customs, near Weyburn, and was then questioned for about three hours.


According to Global News, LaBarbera said,

“We were asked questions about what our purpose was for the visit and why we were speaking at this event, and I was actually asked what percentage of my talk will deal with homosexual activism opposed to pro-life issues and detailed questions like that.”


Labarbera believes he was flagged at the border by Intolerance Free Waybern Group. “The group had a letter on its Facebook page which they were telling everybody and lobbying the public safety minister to literally turn us back at the border,” LaBarbra added.


One of the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) agents told LaBarbera that he had seen some of his work online, and said that he was in violation of Canada’s hate propaganda law.


His passport was seized; he was then allowed to spend the rest of the night in Weyburn, and forced to return to airport customs at noon the next day.


LaBarbera, whose group professes on its website to stand for “God-ordained sexuality,” said he had a second meeting with officials and successfully argued to be allowed to stay.


LaBarbera holding up his passport for reporters to see (www.cbc.ca)


Holding his passport aloft for reporters to see, LaBarbera said officials eventually determined he was not in violation of Canada’s hate laws.




LaBarbera concluded,

“I think it’s a good precedent that, ultimately, their demands were not honored…I hope this bodes well for Canada and America.  You should be able to have a debate on this issue.”


What do you think of this controversy? Was the CBSA in the right? Do you think Canada’s hate propaganda law should apply to non-citizens entering the country? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!