Our lives are busy. There is no doubt that work, school, kids, and everyday errands consume much of our time and money. The problem with our fast-paced, jam-packed lives, is that we often lose sight of what is truly important and the reasons why we are here. One of these reasons is for people.


The people we surround ourselves with very much make up who we are; they influence our choices, help us through hard times, and, hopefully, are loving and enjoyable people to spend time with. As a result of our busy lives, sometimes we forget to foster those relationships with the ones we love, and the people who make us happy. We wonder why our relationships become strained and lacking. Although there can be many underlying problems with relationships, oftentimes that strain is based on the fact that we have let the ones we love slip down our list of priorities. Spending time with friends and family becomes something that occurs only when we have extra time, and rarely happens.


We forget that the people in our lives make us laugh and that fostering those bonds with other human beings is very much a psychological need. What we find when we take the time to incorporate others into our lives is that we ourselves become happier and feel more fulfilled. We enjoy a sense of connection with others that fills that deeply seated need for human interaction.


Making relationships a priority in our lives does not mean that others automatically will as well. This may be frustrating, and some people may never do this, but knowing that you put them first is a satisfying feeling. Knowing that you took a day to travel to see those relatives, even if they may never return the favor, is rewarding because you got to spend time with people you love.


Relationships with others, whether is be a friendship, relative, or significant other, are rewarding and worth the quality bonding time.


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