Whenever I received gifts when I was younger, my mother always insisted I sent a thank you letter. Although writing the letters was never my favorite thing to do, I am glad she made me do it. Sending thank you cards is a simple gesture of gratitude that goes a long way. The art of a sending a thank you letter goes a lot farther than you could imagine.


Expressing your thanks in a letter shows that you took the time out to sit down and craft an art that is in many ways being lost. When you are taken out to dinner, being hosted, or receive a gift, show your thanks by sending a thank you letter. People will recognize your appreciation and will be more willing to help you out the next time around. Do not be fooled into thinking people get annoyed when they receive thank you letters because that is just not the case.


Show gratitude in your daily life as well. When someone holds the door or goes out of their way in any manner, say thank you. This also goes the other way. If there are times when you recognize someone else needs help, a place to stay, or a small gift to let them you know you care, do not hesitate to go the extra mile. You never know when you will be making someone’s day, and good karma is never a bad thing.


Thank you letters can only result in positivity, and I promise they will not go unnoticed. Remember what Mom taught you, and send that letter of thanks. Showing your gratitude and appreciation to the people in your life is never a bad idea.


I am thankful my mom taught me the importance of thank you letters. I should probably thank her for that.


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