So by the time you read this, Saturday morning — or more likely, Saturday afternoon (be honest with yourself it’s evening by this point isn’t it?), the shame of what you did last night has probably washed over you. A glass of wine or two or five? Cosmos? Margaritas? Tequila? Keeping it classy with a scotch on the rocks 007 style? Whatever your poison is, you picked it, and now you’re suffering the consequences. You hit the town, but the town hit back. Wipe away the shame of last night — the shots, the drunken over-sharing conversations, the boozy renditions of Taylor Swift’s “22,” the drunk-snacking… (What did you eat when you got home last night? Leftover Chinese? Cold pizza? Your roommate’s pasta salad? That old piece of birthday cake that’s been sitting in there since February?) Well, now its time to embrace your hangover, or at least let us help you through it.

Here are some delicious meals at various eateries in NYC to cure your hangover:

1. The Fried Chicken and Pancakes at Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread. Take a trip up to Harlem for some good old fashioned southern comfort food. This place has been run by the same family with the same famous traditional recipes for generations. Not to mention, they have the most delicious peach cobbler in all of New York. If you’re lucky, the famous chef herself, Norma Jean Darden, might come to your table and greet you with a smile to make sure everything is as delicious as advertised.


2. The Chicken and Waffles at Sweet Chick in Brooklyn. If you can muster the strength and endurance to journey down to Williamsburg today, their delicious chicken and waffles is definitely worth it. Sweet Chick serves up “American cuisine with a Southern accent” with a signature Brooklyn twist. The restaurant has a cool atmosphere and undeniably good chicken and waffles.

3. The Squagles at Tompkins Square Bagels. Tompkins Square Bagels is an amazing New York bagel place in the East Village with the most mouth-wateringly delicious menu you’ve ever set eyes on. Although you might have to battle a bit of a line, their delicious squagels (square bagels, it’s a thing) live up to the hype; if you’re wiling to put in the time, they are worth the wait. Try an everything bagel with one of their flavored spreads or the classic bacon egg and cheese with avocado, a personal favorite.


4. A Burger and Shake at Island Burgers and Shakes. No one can deny the effectiveness of a nice, thick, burger to cure even the worst hangover. Island Burgers and Shakes is just what it sounds like: perfection. This Yelp favorite never disappoints; they can cook a burger to please even the pickiest carnivores, and those of us who like to spice things up can order yours with any kind of topping you could imagine. Take a trip over to Hell’s Kitchen to taste what sweet, sweet redemption tastes like — in the form of burgers and shakes.


Now that we’ve sparked your appetite, ditch the hangover Gatorade, don your darkest sunglasses, and mosey on down to one of these restaurants to satisfy your craving!


What is your go-to meal to cure a bad hangover? Share yours in the comments below or shoot me a tweet @JenksUOhMeASoda