We’ve heard it a thousand times: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We all know it, yet too often we settle for an easy bowl of cereal or run out the door with just a granola bar. This can be a convenient time-saver on busy mornings, but does not necessarily serve as a sufficient alternative to a healthy, day-starting breakfast. Foods like cereal, breads, and even granola bars (which are perceived to be much healthier than they really are) are nothing but empty carbs that are immediately turned to sugar and lack the substance your body needs to function.


When it comes to breakfast, you should be filling up on hearty food. And when it comes to food, you should only put the best kinds into your body. It’s worth budgeting out a few extra dollars to spend on healthier, unprocessed, organic, and natural foods; quality over quantity definitely applies with your daily diet. This will start your day out right and keep you feeling more energized through the afternoon, and hold you over until your lunch break, eliminating the usual mid-day lull — so much so that you might not even need the usual kickstart from caffeine.


An easy fix for a very fast, American, carb-only breakfast is to wake up a few minutes earlier (bear with us) and bring out the essentials from each food group for a more filling European style breakfast. Try a hearty traditional German breakfast; they definitely have the right idea when it comes to this important meal — they bring out their cheeses (try a nice brie with your favorite jam) and meat — usually sausage or salami but you could opt for a lighter option like deli turkey or chicken — along with soft-boiled eggs and of course, their breads (usually baguettes, rolls, or croissants from a local bakery). Don’t forget your spreads — jams, jellies, and of course the traditional butter — along with at least two types of fruit. If you’re really feeling European, bring out the sparkling water; it is free from chemicals and is usually supplemented with vitamins and minerals (always read the label).


This kind of European breakfast with hearty meats, cheeses, bread, and spreads may seem lavish, but it really takes minimal effort, and the end result — you having energy for the day and feeling more healthy — is worth it. So next time you’re reaching for the cereal, think again. And then, when you decide to eat it anyway and go into the fridge for the milk, catch a glimpse of your meat and cheese drawer, and think about giving the European breakfast a try!


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