Even though I consistently try to change the overall picture of Texas in terms of stereotypes and show how the Lone Star State truly has multiculturalism and has moved past BBQ and cowboy boots, some things really never change. Case in point, The Texas State Fair: a yearly gathering of anything and everything considered even remotely “Texan” and/or “Southern”.


Imagine your own State Fair. Now, imagine that exact State Fair but on steroids, radiation and everything else that could potentially expand the size of something. Not all you read about Texas has truth behind it, but the stereotype of “everything being bigger” in The Lone Star State is both happily and sadly true. I myself can verify that by citing one annual event at Fair Park, a 277-acre complex in South Dallas of buildings, event centers and outdoor/indoor performance areas perfect for festivals of any type. Personally, besides the State Fair itself, I’ve seen Fair Park host two years of Taste of Dallas Food Festival and an Earth Day festival all flawlessly and with excellent versatility.



The Texas State Fair, a collection of literally everything, regardless of what it’s considered. In the words of Theodore Herzl, “If you will it, it is no dream.”


That quote certainly applies to The Texas State Fair because anything even barely Southern, Texan, or even slightly carnival or circus related were there.


A visit to their website shows hundreds of events all happening within the same day. Think of it as a strange hybrid between a music festival, a version of Disney World that’s actually somewhat enjoyable and the counterterrorism show “24” because events such as pig races, to a chainsaw carver, to performances by everyone from The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps to Flo Rida himself. With even more events such as The Ronald McDonald Show, whatever that may be, it’s no surprise that it’s a massive success in Texas and the surrounding areas.


And when one thinks of carnival food, one often thinks of cotton candy, perhaps a corn dog and maybe a churro or a turkey leg. Yet, The Texas State Fair blows even that way beyond out the water of conventional circus food with horribly unhealthy yet almost amusingly unhealthy delectables such as this twisted atrocity known as The Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger, pictured below.



The Texas State Fair is self-aware and knows of it’s reputation within the horribly unhealthy food community and almost makes everything tongue-in-cheek with how over-the-top unhealthy most of the foods are. But, it’s kind of entertaining, almost as if I’m watching a show on The Food Network. One such example of this source of amusement from the foods there was the Deep Fried Froot Loops.  


Throughout it all, it’s a massive production but a blast regardless. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure to do with friends or interested in going overboard on your cheat day, then I couldn’t recommend anywhere else.


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