Taking a picture these days has become something of an ordeal. We stand in a line, catch a passerby, hand them about five different devices, they take our photo with each, we check to see if we like it, and if we do not, they take it again. Camera phones and digital cameras allow us to see the photo that was taken instantly, and to take it again when we are not satisfied.


In a world of instant gratification, the days of film cameras are largely gone. The days where you had 27 shots to a roll, and had to go to a store to get the film developed. Although digital cameras offer a simplicity and ease, they lack that idea of delayed gratification, that time you were forced to wait and had no idea how your photos would turn out. You did not have to deal with people saying, “Let me see the picture” and “I don’t like that one, take it again.” The fun of the film camera was in the mystery of it, in never knowing what moments you captured until they where in your hand. One of the most exciting part of film cameras, was finding that hidden gem you do not remember taking, and having the physical prints in your hands.


Lacking that crystal clarity enjoyed with digital cameras, film cameras give that vintage look to photos. That fuzziness that gives them a sort of instant nostalgia. Although there are there is always the disappointment when some of the photos come out dark, or could not be developed at all, it is satisfying knowing that the moments happened and you were a part of them rather than stuck behind the screen of a camera the entire time.


Next trip you are going on with your friends, bring along a disposable camera. Take those fun, candid photos, know you have a limited amount, stay in the moment, and enjoy the photos afterwords.


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