Bees are amazing creatures. They pollinate our crops, they produce honey (a miracle substance that is both an antiseptic and self-preserving), and are the reason for many of the colorful flowers that beautify our world. They are a vital part to maintaining a healthy environment and ecosystem. In the past decade, however, there has been a dramatic decrease in the world bee population. Beehives around the world are collapsing, and we are in danger of losing bees, and in turn losing crops, flowers, and honey.


Colony collapse disorder is a serious problem affecting thousands of bee populations today. Although there are many causes to colony collapse disorder, a major one is the use of pesticides on our fields. The pesticides from different crops build up in the colonies, creating a deadly mixture of chemicals that weaken bee immune systems and make them susceptible to diseases.


Bees are beautiful creatures that serve a vital position in the environment

Bees are beautiful creatures that serve a vital position in the environment

Commercial bee keeping poses another threat to the health of bees. In order to meet the demand for year-round fruits and vegetables, bees are transported around the country to pollinate different crops. The movement across the country is stressful and negatively affects the health of the bees. The harm that pesticides have on the health of bee colonies could be a sign about our own health. One has to wonder, if these chemicals have this much of an effect on bees, what effect might they have on us?


Besides our desire for fruits and vegetables year-round, other human activities harm bees as well. Cell phone signals have a negative effect on bee health. Studies have shown that cell phone signals confuse bees, causing them to fly erratically, and become lost. With the wide use of cell phones around the world, we could see an even greater loss of beehives.


If we do not curb our use of pesticides and find ways to help the bees, we ourselves could be in danger, and what would our world be without the sweetness of honey or the beauty of flowers?


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