It is nearly impossible to watch television without seeing a dozen commercials on how you can “turn back the clock” using some miracle cream. Most of these ads feature flawless women who show no signs of wrinkles. Hollywood is always buzzing about which celebrity got a new nose, facelift, botox, or breast implants, and the list goes on.


It is not a glorious realization that one day we will all be older and lose our youth, but it should not be something we fear as a society. The fact is, always focusing on how to look younger just adds stress to your life. In the end, there is not way to stop the clock from ticking.


The problem with having a youth obsessed society is that we fail to realize the beauty and wisdom that comes with age. Those crow’s feet that wrinkle up next to your eyes and those smile lines from years of laughter both tell stories of smiles and hold wisdom. It is hard to get past the constant bombardment of media that tells us that the ideal beauty is youthful beauty, but its important to realize there is beauty in age.


Heathy eating and regular exercise is important in living a long healthy life, but in constantly searching for the “fountain of youth” one may turn away from what is important. Our society’s obsession with beauty and youth consumes our money and our time, and maintaining this mentality is not a healthy way to live.


Instead of obsessing over the wrinkle on your forehead or spending hundreds of dollars on the next age-defying miracle cream, enjoy the wrinkles that come from laughing to the point of tears and the scars that tell the stories of your life. Nothing can turn back time, so stop worrying about it.


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