It should come as no surprise that long distance relationships can be tough. With the proper preparation and mindset, though, a long distance relationship can be a positive and incredibly rewarding experience. It may even bring a couple closer than they were before the separation.


Just like in PR, for a long distance relationship to work, an effective exchange of information must be established between two parties.


Check out the tips below that can help you to establish such an exchange in your own long distance relationship:


1. Before parting ways, have conversations about the nature of your long distance relationship. Try to avoid associating the distance with pain and negativity; instead, view the distance as an opportunity to grow stronger. It is also important to plan when visits will take place, so that you have smaller dates to look forward to, rather than just the date of your final reunion.


2. Be clear about communication expectations. If you want to say good morning each morning and good night each night, make it a rule. Weekly Skype dates can allow you to stay informed on each other’s lives on a daily basis. Handwritten notes via snail mail couldn’t hurt, either.


Long distance relationships can make your abilities to communicate with and trust in your partner stronger than ever.

Long distance relationships can make your abilities to communicate with and trust in your partner stronger than ever.

3. Never forget why you wanted to do long distance — for love. If things ever feel tough, remember that. It is crucial to never lose trust in your partner. If you do, things will be significantly harder. If you’re ever having doubts or issues with trust, vocalize what you’re feeling, and resolve the issue.


4. Give each other a small object that you can both carry around and have when you’re missing each other. A great idea would be a ring, since you can always wear it and tell people about your partner when asked about the ring. Once your relationship is no longer long distance, you’ll have the rings as physical reminders of the trust and love that you built while apart.


5. Make sure that you still enjoy your time apart, as individuals. Even though you love your partner and may be happier with him/her, your relationship will grow more if you learn how to live alone and how to make yourselves happy. Be patient. Be happy.


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