Throughout our lives, we look to others for inspiration, guidance, and assistance. There comes a time, though, when we become the ones looked to. While we can still learn from our role models, we have to mature and become a role model ourselves. Here are some tips on how to be the best role model you can possibly be.


 (Flickr/Halcyon Styn)

(Flickr/Halcyon Styn)

Practice what you preach.

Those who look up to you will not only be doing as you say, but they will be doing as you do. This can be seen in kids as young as two or three when they try to act exactly like their older sibling. If you are telling your mentees to act a certain way, you should act that way as well.


Be mature.

You want to set the best example possible for those who look up to you. If you act immature, your mentees will do the same. Try your hardest to hold back on cursing and acting too silly in front of them, and don’t laugh when they do it. Instead, teach them that there is a time and place to be foolish.


Treat others as you want to be treated.

Always show respect to those above and below you in life. Your mentees will see you doing this, and they will learn to treat others respectfully as well. Never yell or fight in front of your mentees. If you do end up having an issue with someone, take them aside and speak with them calmly.


Know when you’re wrong.

An important quality in a role model is to be able to admit when they have done something wrong. Show those who look up to you that everyone can and will make mistakes. The best thing to do in that situation is to acknowledge your wrongdoings and attempt to repair any damage made.


Support one another.

Make sure your mentees know that you support them in all of their endeavors. Be encouraging in all situations, both good and bad. Teach them that they can fly so high if they try their hardest and show them you are proud no matter what the outcome may be.


Follow through.

If you start something, finish it. Don’t threaten punishments or promise rewards that you cannot follow through on. Showing that you stick to your word and do as you said you would will show your mentees that you preach the truth and they will learn to be more consistent with their own words as well.


There are many important lessons to teach to those who look upon us for guidance, and these tips are only the beginning. Speak the truth, practice what you preach, and above all show your mentees that you believe in them. After all, their role models are some of the biggest influences on who they become.


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