Ebola is the buzzword that has been in everyone’s mouth lately. Will it become a worldwide epidemic? Why would they bring infected persons back to the States? What will happen if it does spread?


With nearly 1,500 deaths from the disease, these worries are within reason. What about the people in West Africa that are currently infected, quarantined, and largely without a solution to the growing epidemic? Although we have great reason to worry for our own health and spread of the disease, it is important to remember that those affected in West Africa are not just numbers, they are human beings with families and loved ones of their own.


Being thousands of miles removed from the epidemic, it is easy to forget the reality of what those affected are experiencing and become consumed by our own fears and worries. As more countries close off their borders to travelers, as well as medical personnel, the people of West Africa are left to fend and fight for themselves. Their lives and entire existence is threatened, without much hope of a cure or return to normality any time soon. Before we become overrun with fear that ebola is going to spread around the world, take a second to think of those whose fear is not separated by an ocean.


Humanizing those affected by ebola, means thinking of them in individual terms, and allowing oneself to imagine what life is currently like for those people. It also means becoming well informed about the progession of the disease, how it is transmitted, and the likelihood that is will eventually spread around the world.


As reported by NPR, ebola is not as easily transmitted as most of the population believes it is. Although ebola should not be taken lightly, there is no sense becoming consumed by fear of it spreading. Instead that a moment to put yourself in the shoes of those in West Africa, keep those families in your prayers, and remember they are individual people, not just numbers.


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