When most people think of Kate Upton they think gorgeous, curvy, and Sports Illustrated. After a video of Upton performing the “Cat Daddy” went viral, Upton has become the face of curvy beauty and every man’s dream girl.



Since Upton made her debut performance of “Cat Daddy,” she has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated for two years in a row, modeled for Guess, and appeared in countless other commercials and advertisements. She was also named as one of Seventeen Magazine’s “Most Powerful Girls 21 and under in Hollywood“.


What most people may not know about Upton is that she is not willing to be pushed around or treated like a “dumb blonde”. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Upton talked about how she would never do something she felt forced to do and is not willing to waver on her beliefs saying,


“I don’t ever want to be a person that I’m not. A lot of girls fall into the trap where they are trying to impress other people, and that’s the time when they lose themselves. I think holding strong to what you believe in—not letting them change that—is really important.”



Kate Upton in her Sports Illustrated photo shoot (turner.com)

Upton is hailed for proving that women do not have to wear a size two to be beautiful and successful. She is undeniably a sex symbol and a role model for young women. However, she is also most widely known for her photos in Sports Illustrated where she is pictured in bikinis that cover very little. Many women find the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Edition” to be degrading and obviously geared towards men. Although Upton expressed how she felt terrible about herself after that first Sports Illustrated cover, and that she questioned the image she was portraying, she still went on to do a second shoot the next year.



Upton may be breaking the standard of the typical thin model with her enviable curves, but is the message she is sending all that much different from other women in the industry? That you need to sell sex in order to be successful? Upton is more than just her body and wants people to know that, but her ideas of sticking up for oneself and not wavering in what one believes are not the focus of the image she portrays. Upton is mostly known for her Sports Illustrated covers and sex appeal; however, she is young and her career is just getting started. Perhaps in the future we will see Upton take on more positive positions and job functions in the industry so that she can be prove to be the kind of role model that young women can look up to.


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