The East Coast just experienced one of the worst heat waves in years, and New York City was no exception, with temperatures reaching triple digits last weekend. As the heat has died down a bit, residents might be brave enough to venture outside again for a day of shopping. Luckily for them, if they find themselves in need of some shelter from the elements, one downtown store provides the perfect space not only to shop, but to lounge.


Saturdays Surf NYC’s SoHo flagship store, a cozy shop on Crosby Street, opened in 2009 and has been providing a quirky, unique, and relaxing shopping experience since. The brand’s aesthetic is clean and modern but simultaneously relaxed; its tank tops and tees feature subtle graphics and patterns along with soft, quality materials that make them perfect attire for walking a beach boardwalk or city street. The brand also has its own footwear line that boasts mature silhouettes paired with tasteful details like marbled vulcanized soles, and its line of boardshorts and reminds shoppers of the brand’s surf inspirations.


While Saturdays’s merchandise is impressive, the flagship store is just as big of a selling point. After browsing the numerous racks of clothing and accessories near the front of the store, visitors might be surprised to spot an additional counter by the backdoor, behind which there are no hangers or garments. That counter is, believe it or not, a full-service espresso bar run by Saturdays Surf employees. Not to be overshadowed by the novelty of the bar, the coffee itself is remarkable as well — Saturdays serves its own blend of beans produced by popular roasters La Colombe. Shoppers can enjoy a hot cup any time the retail store is open, from 10 AM to 7 PM, seven days a week.


As if that were not enough to foster a unique shopping atmosphere, Saturdays boasts a wood-decked outdoor lounge behind the coffee bar. Complete with a gorgeous variety of flower and plants as well as a handful of benches, the patio serves as a shady retreat where tired shoppers can relax with a warm drink and plenty of fresh air.


Saturdays’s website claims that the brand was determined to “suit a lifestyle occupied with surfing, living, and working in New York City.” Its founders have certainly accomplished their goal, as this downtown sanctuary offers a completely different feel than the larger, louder retailers nearby. The clothing and amenities give a distinctly West-Coast vibe to an otherwise dreary block, and late summer is the perfect time to check it out.


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