For Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines, a “bikini body” is not just a physical archetype aspiration. With over 667,000 followers on Instagram (and counting!), Itsines has the opportunity to share her advice and expertise with women all over the world every day.


Personal trainer, Kayla Itsines (

Personal trainer, Kayla Itsines (

While working at an all-women’s gym shortly after graduating from the Australian Institute of Fitness in Adelaide, Itsines noticed trends in the parts of the body with which women are most insecure and self-conscious — inner thigh jiggle, flabby arms, the desire for lean and toned abs. Through working with these women, Itsines formulated a nutrition guide and exercise program dedicated to helping young women achieve a bikini-ready body.


Itsines explains that targeted training, which she uses to help ladies with their especially stubborn areas, is different than spot training.

“To lose fat in one area and one area only is impossible. This is proven science. However, with the right training, nutrition, and lifestyle planning, one can achieve a specific appearance or style of physique. I have created a complete system which helps women all over the world achieve what many of them seek — the confidence that comes with a bikini body. It is less about one specific area and more about training your whole body to look and feel the way you want.”

Interestingly, Itsines took to the world of health and wellness while taking a beauty course. According to Itsines, she found a passion in helping other achieve their desired level of health, saying, “nothing beats the feeling of changing someone’s entire life and confidence.”


What started as a mission of love to help others close to her has exploded onto the internet and mobile “fitspo” — fitness inspiration — scene through social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram. “When I first started using my Instagram, [it] was basically just an outlet for my own progress as a trainer and an individual,” says Itsines. She soon realized that this could be a whole new platform for reaching out and helping people outside her community and all over the world.


Amazing transformations from ladies using Kayla Itsines' guides for nutrition and fitness. (

Amazing transformations from ladies using Kayla Itsines’ guides for nutrition and fitness. (

Today, her feed is full of mounds of exotic, delicious looking fruit; quick tips for exercise and food cravings; inspirational quotes; and near-miraculous before and after progress photos from women using her “H.E.L.P. Nutrition Guide” and “Bikini Body Training Guide.”


“I never thought of this as ‘marketing,'” Itsines says when asked what marketing techniques she used to build her social media following. In fact, she still has not spent even $1 on paid advertising. Instead, she allows word of mouth, social media interaction, and a full page on her web site dedicated to stellar bikini body transformations sent from women everywhere speak for her. “I believe that being fake to acquire money or fame gets you nowhere,” she says. “Life [is not] all about money, anyway. You cannot purchase happiness in a jar.”


Itsines truly shines in a sea of look-alikes with more questionable intentions. She embodies the idea of living healthy, and she shared her passion for health and life with the world. Visit her web site for more information about her bikini body guides and her own personal journey to fitness.


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