A mother’s love truly knows no bounds. This summer, one mom demonstrated a grand gesture of dedication to her daughter by changing the way big business operates. Mattel, a brand staple embedded in countless childhoods, decided to honor Melissa Bumstead’s wishes for her 4-year-old daughter. Bumstead’s daughter Grace was diagnosed with a rare strand of leukemia and is currently being treated with heavy doses of chemotherapy.


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Upon receiving a special gift from her nurses at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, Grace immediately fell in love with her “chemotherapy” Barbie. The “Ella” doll comes without hair and is equipped with sweet accessories to dress her up, including scarves and colorful head wraps. When Grace’s mom realized her daughter received one of the only six dolls available from the hospital, she felt it was her duty to up the inventory.


Just like other impassioned women familiar to MUIPR, Bumstead took to Change.org to garner support for her petition calling on Mattel to distribute more dolls. Her efforts were so favored that “in just three months, that petition had more than 100,000 supporters,” according to CNN. “Every 10 minutes, we got 1,000 signatures,” Bumstead said.


Because of Grace’s mom, the Barbie powerhouse will now release “Ella” annually upon Bumstead’s request. This will ensure that hospitals are well equipped each year to supply the doll to its honored patients. Bumstead hopes that other young children going through chemotherapy will not only feel loved; she believes that the doll will inspire patients to fight any and all of life’s battles with courage and a sense of conviction.


Bumstead added that her daughter’s oncologist expects Grace to overcome the disease. She said of Grace’s overall experience at the hospital and with her doll: “we really believe that God is going to use this to do good things in her life and to make her the kind of person that she’s going to fight for good things all of her life.”


Now that’s the power of a mama lion advocating for her cub. Mattel will begin to distribute “Ella” beginning in August.



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