We all work hard to take care of our bodies. Working out, eating right, and avoiding chemicals that are bad for our health are great steps, however one step that is often neglected is caring for our ears. The month of May is Better Hearing Month, which raises awareness for healthy hearing.




Although it is possible to lose weight after gaining a few extra pounds, it is impossible to regain hearing abilities after you neglect your eardrums. Since our eardrums are not visible on the outside, it is easy to forget how important a role they play in our lives.


Hearing aids can repair up to 90 percent of hearing impairments. However, even this technological advancement cannot restore hearing back to its original capacity. According to HealthyHearing.com, it is estimated that 1.1 billion people will be affected by hearing loss by 2015.


It is crucial to take active steps in maintaining your hearing while you can. Here are some easy tips to try every day that will help maintain your hearing:


1. Buy noise-reducing headphones. When you listen to music or use your headphones in loud areas, it causes you to increase the volume to hear over the background noise. This increases your chances of hearing impairment. By using noise-reducing headphones, you can continue to use your headphones as you do now, just at a lower volume.


2. Use hearing protectors. According to The Guardian, “continuous exposure (eight hours a day) to noise over 85db (equivalent to a heavy lorry passing nearby) will damage your hearing permanently.” A concert can generate over 100db, so it is important to protect your ears. Though earplugs are not necessarily a fashion statement, that can make a dramatic difference in the long run. In addition, you can find discreet pairs that will evenly distribute the sound, instead of blocking it out completely — the perfect choice for concertgoers.


Hum during concerts. Humming is a great alternative to earplugs, and can actually help mute outside noise. Marshall Chasin tells MensHealth.com, “Humming causes a protective muscle in the ear called the strapedius to contract, reducing the amount of noise that travels to your inner ear by 15 to 20 decibels.”


Remember hearing loss does not happen overnight, rather it is a gradual process. For this reason, it is important to always try to protect your hearing and avoid gradual hearing impairments.


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