There are several ways to honor and commemorate the lives of those we love after they pass away. A common way is to mark where they are buried with a gravestone that shares a short epitaph about who they were and the dates of their birth and death. The thought of a cemetery is eerie and cold; it brings up images of rows of dark gravestones and lifelessness. This ritual of death is often seen as outdated, and only serves to perpetuate the feeling of sadness and loss that accompany losing someone one loves.


That is why Estudimoline, a design studio, wants to incorporate nature into this ritual and change the way we view and deal with lose.


Bio Urns allows a one to choose what type of seed they want to grow (

Bio Urns allows a one to choose what type of seed they want to grow (

Bio Urns is a company created by Estudimoline, that invented the world’s first biodegradable urn. This urn allows one to take the ashes of their loved one and plant them in the ground. From the urn, a tree grows in place of where one would have a gravestone. When shopping for an urn, one chooses a seed: Pine, ginko, maple, oak, ash, beech, or any seed of their choice. These biodegradable urns were created with the hopes of converting cemeteries into forests.


The company believes the urns will hope change the way people view death and life after death. Their website claims, “Bios Urn changes the way people see death, converting the ‘end of life’ into a transformation and a return to life through nature.”


Bio Urns is a positive step in the right direction that could help people more easily grieve with loss. It would create a world where cemeteries would be a beautiful, inviting environment, in which people could sit under the shade the ones they love. It is also a more environmentally friendly way to bury and honor someone’s life.


With Bio Urns out of death comes life, and possibly a changing perspective of how our society should deal with death and the burial process. Now, instead of a cold, eerie expanse full of gravestones, there will be a forest full of bright colors and life.


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