The Russian developer has stolen the show and brought something explosive for to the photo app world. It is a versatile iPhone app called as Prisma app. This app is rocking left, right and centre with an amazing fan base. The cloud-based technology enables users to exploit his or her own wits and imagination to give the essence of art to their shot snaps. Today, the app is one of the highest downloaded app in the tech planet and brags to be one of the best in its class.

The app is just in its inception phase, but has grabbed remarkable success and owns tons of positive reviews posted from users across the globe. Out of the all the tremendous features, the one that stands out is the AI-Powered photo filter.

The reason why you can get rid of Pokemon go for a good reason can be the young boy in the court, the iPhone’s brand new Prisma. The app is creating a buzz in the app store with extraordinary hits every second. Prisma app for iPhone/iPad is highly handy and simple to use. The user only needs to pick an image, apply filter and share it across the social media realm. Diversity and quality are the two pillars of the app that made it to attain the fame in such a short span of time.

One of its popular fillers boosted by Instagram is the shadowy colour shift that gives the pictures amazing, unique and incredible effects. The fillers are highly flexible and artistic that they directly correspond to the art styles of Heisenberg, Mosaic, Cubism, The Scream etc.

The effects are fresh and dynamic. The app is regulated by the server side intelligence to generate mind-blowing images every time. These attributes not only make it a useful app for all the artist-minds, but also make it unique in the market. The images can be taken from the camera roll or from the app itself.

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The photos conditioned with Prisma photo fillers are highly appreciated on social media. It is one of the most powerful apps that raised the bar higher in its category. A crazy album can be before you just through few clicks. After processing the picture, the snaps can be instantly shared on Facebook or Instagram. The app is completely free on App store and as per a source, the android version is ready to be on board.

The app is quite famous among the young crowd and very soon it’s going to rule the niche. The developer does not have a website as such as of now, but the followers on social media like Facebook narrate the entire saga of evolution in app photo processing paradigm. It has not only created a movement where digital pictures can be merged with artistic feel, but also set a benchmark for all other apps in the same array.