From far away, most everyone looks the same. We are faceless blobs with more or less the same shapes and outlines. When we get closer, our distinguishing features are clearly seen, with our most distinguishable feature being our faces. The color of someone’s eyes, the shape of their nose, and the curve of their mouth are what individualize them from other people. That is why artist iO Tillett Wright is using faces to help end discrimination against LGBTQ people and anyone who identifies as anything other than 100 percent straight.


iO Tillett Wright creator of the Self Evident Truths Project (

Wright started a campaign called the Self Evident Truths Project. The project is a collection of 10,000 faces of people that identify as anything other than 100 percent straight. The idea for the project came to Wright while watching the politics over Prop 8 unfold over. Wright was taken back by the fact that one element of someone’s character made them a second class citizen.


She wondered,

“How could anyone vote to stripe the rights of the vast variety of the people that I knew based on one element of their character? How could they say that we as a group were not deserving of equal rights as somebody else? Were we even a group? What group? And had these people even consciously met a victim of their discrimination? Did they know who they were voting against and what the impact was? And then is occurred to me, perhaps if they could look into the eyes of the people they were casting into second class citizenship, it might make it harder for them to do.”


The campaign is a way to show that each person has a story and that one characteristic should not define who you are, what you do, or how you live your life. The project will show that human sexuality is not black or white, but is fluid and always changing.


The end goal is an installation on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where all 10,000 faces will be displayed. This movement hopes to individualize and put a face to the group that many are voting and working against. Seeing these faces may not change their mind, but it is a start in showing that all everyone has a face, a life, and a story to tell.


Check out more about the Self Evident Truths Project and the work of Wright here and hear Wright’s full story here.


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