Childhood bunk beds, boarding school, college dorms, and overpriced city apartments are all breeding grounds for (a) bacteria and (b) lifelong friendships. There is nothing like close quarters to bring people closer together, literally and figuratively. There may or may not be science on the matter, but it seems safe to state that if you are constantly within a 10 foot radius of someone, you will form a strong opinion about them.


Introverts may claim they need their “space,” but the rising cost of living begs to differ. Living with other people doesn’t have to be a chore, and in fact has many perks. Repress the memory of that college roommate who made your life a living hell by constantly clipping their toenails on your bed. Instead, let’s focus on the positive. Roommates are perfect, sweet, beautiful angels.


Roommates share their clothes with you. Anyone who shares clothes is nice. Anyone who refuses to share clothes should be replaced. Think about it this way: having one closet is great, but two is always better. Three? We have ourselves a deal.


Roommates have parents. Parents cook food to show their love. One person can only eat so much love — the rest must be shared.  You didn’t hear this from us, but it might be a good idea to get chummy with your roommates parents, so they begin to love you, too. Because, let’s be honest, the one time you tried to boil eggs, they caught on fire.


Roommates keep it real. Mirrors might have eyes, but they don’t have opinions. Once you have brushed your teeth with someone peeing next to you enough times, you become comfortable telling them blue isn’t their color.


Roommates are your friends for life. At the end of the day, there are only so many “Sex in the City” marathons two people can watch and still remain “acquaintances.” When you and your boxed wine are sitting on the couch, you can rest assured that the second a roommate walks through the door, they will grab a thrift store wine glass and join you.


Why do these wonderful humans give you their clothes and let you mooch off their parents? Because they love you. Wearing the same size Frye boots is great, downing homemade Italian lasagna is even better, but creating a family of your own is best of all.


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