On April 6, Novia Scotia woman Kenzie Markey went skydiving in Arizona. The 32-year-old thill seeker has had more than enough experience skydiving and has completed over 100 successful jumps. During this trip to Arizona, Markey had already made over 20 jumps in less than a week — until her parachute collapsed, which sent her plummeting to the ground.


“She’s adventurous to say the least, tries to squeeze as much of life out of existing as much as she can, and that takes her to doing all sorts of what a lot of people consider crazy things — skydiving, surfing, snowboarding in the alpine — anything that gives her a rush I guess,” her father, Joe Markey, told CBC’s Mainstreet.


Very little is known about the accident itself, as no one was around to witness it. Because Markey had so much experience, there was not any particular need to have someone on the ground to watch her jump.


Her father commented on the accident to CBC:

“Nobody actually witnessed it happening. I did talk to a friend of hers from Los Angeles that was on his way home, out of the desert at the time, and he said that he had noticed a lot of dust devils picking up in the desert … and they figure she crossed paths with one of those and the turbulence collapsed her chute.”


After the accident, Markey had suffered severe injuries from the fall, including a broken femur, pelvis, and eye socket; a collapsed lung; and brain swelling. She received medical care and surgeries, and according to a web post by Markey’s friend Kelley Richardson, her medical bills have amounted to over $500,000.


In an effort to help Markey, her family and friends have put together an online fundraising page to help pay for the “astronomical” medical bills. To date, they have raised over $20,000 of the $50,000 goal they have set.


Unfortunately, because her father’s travel documents are not up to date, he cannot travel to Arizona to see his daughter. Thanks to some team work with family and friends, however, Markey was airlifted back to Canada to receive the rest of her treatment.


The latest update on the fundraiser page posted by Kelley Richardson reads: “Kenzie should be at the Lion’s Gate Hospital!!! … thank you to the air ambulance crew in Vancouver that went to get her! Ended up costing $22,400 — much cheaper than having her sent by the States. Thank you!”


What do you think of this accident? How would you feel about coming from a country where your healthcare is covered, and then having to pay almost half a million dollars to cover medical bills in a foreign country? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!