For advertising to achieve its desired effect on the bite-sized attention spans that society has developed, advertisers and companies must pay close attention to the needs of consumers.


Car manufacturer Subaru taps into family values, particularly safety, in their “LOVE” campaign. The tagline that follows each 30 second spot spells out the feeling that Subaru is selling: “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”


Most of the commercials in the campaign are designed to tug at your heart strings, and you may find yourself reaching for a tissue at the end of the ad. In fact, many YouTube users have commented on Subaru’s more emotional videos about how much they love different aspects of the commercials, particularly the moving content and poignant music. The comments include confessions about viewers “tearing up,” saying they identify with the ad in one way or another.


Some of the commercials are more light-hearted, showing Subaru owners sharing moments in their cars with family dogs and important milestones in the family car, like instructing children on how to change a tire and watching a child grow up. These advertisements play on core family values, like bonding with loved ones and creating a sense of normalcy, and advertisers make sure to simultaneously add subtle selling points for buying a Subaru, such as the longevity of the vehicle.


From Subaru's "They Lived" commercial (

From Subaru’s “They Lived” commercial (

Others like “They Lived”, are more haunting; the ad features a mangled vehicle on its way to the junkyard after a major accident. Between the sobering visuals of the destroyed family car and the faces of the family who survived the accident skipping out of their house into their new Subaru, this ad will likely be the most memorable of the “LOVE” campaign ads.


On Subaru’s YouTube page, users discussed their views of the “They Lived” video by adding their own comments about near-fatal experiences in a Subaru and how they believe the car saved their lives.  In this ad, Subaru manages to create a strong connection on a number of levels between families and the car manufacturer, to enable consumers to consider Subaru first in their next car-buying experience. Subaru manages to do this by illustrating the core values of a Subaru to potential buyers, as opposed to pitching specific attributes of the car, which other manufacturers leverage when selling — like mileage, speed, and fancy gadgets.


How big of an impact do commercials play in your choice when making big purchases, like cars? What do you think of Subaru’s “LOVE” campaign? Let’s talk marketing and advertising strategy here in the comments, or you can find me on Twitter @TiffaniJPurdy.