Long distance relationships are hard. Romantic relationships, familial relationships, friendships — the distance takes a toll on every kind of relationship when you can’t see the other person every day. It’s important to be strong and continue to work at your relationship every chance you get.


Here are some tips on how to survive the distance.


Keep in touch.

Whether it be through texting, phone calls, or video chat, try to talk to each other at least a couple of times a week. It’s easy to get caught up in the world that is right in front of you, but try to make time for the people who you can’t see all that often. They’ll appreciate the extra effort, and it’ll keep your relationship strong, even if it’s just a good morning/night text.


See them soon.

However infrequent they are, visit each other. If you have to go longer periods of time between visits, try to make the time feel a little shorter by counting down the days or planning what you’ll do when you see each other next. Having that goal of always knowing when your next visit is will keep you motivated to wait out the time until then.


Be honest.

Let them know how you feel. Talking about your emotions with each other will help let the other person know what they can do to ease your struggles. Make sure you maintain open communication; it’ll lead to greater trust and a stronger bond.


Do things together.

Choose a TV show to watch, an online video game to play, or a book to read, and do it together. Even from a distance, there are little things like these that you can do to have fun together. Look up different apps that allow you to play together or watch a movie simultaneously from different devices.


Know you’re stronger than the distance.

It’s important to not give up, even when it gets difficult. Be strong and fight through it together. It’s hard now, but when you finally get to see each other, it will all be worth it.


Long distance relationships can be incredibly difficult, but you don’t have to give in to the struggle. Work together with your significant other to make sure you maintain a strong connection, if you’re truly dedicated to making the relationship thrive.


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