It is undeniable that our lives are busy, most of us go from sun up to sun down without stopping or slowing down. It is hard to find time to relax and reflect on one’s day, but with our world becoming faster, the need to find silence in our everyday lives is important. Sleep helps our brains sort through the happenings of our day and refreshes our minds. Silence and reflection while one is awake, however, helps those processes and also helps us find ourselves.


Contemplation and deep conversation are ways to explore silence. The silence that is important in our lives does not only include the actual absence of noise, but also conversation that digs deeper than the surface level. While personal contemplation and reflection are important to one’s psyche, meaningful conversation with others is equally important. Engaging in conversations with others that challenge us and make us think, is a powerful tool in finding purpose or simply becoming more aware.


Finding time to meditate and find silence in one’s life is not a simple task, especially in the fast paced world in which we live. The easiest way to start is to find time to breath deeply each day. This may sound silly, but the benefits of 20 deep breaths a day go a long way. Incorporating this into one’s life is a simple way to start finding silence.


Silence is oftentimes underrated, but without it our minds are easily overwhelmed by the all the noise and empty conversation around us. Find a space to move away from empty noise, find a space where there is silence and your mind can wander. Allow yourself to breathe deeply with purpose. Find conversation that makes you question and explore your own mind and your own self. Just as Plato so bluntly put it, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


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