Well, here we are, yet again. It’s already Sunday, and what have we accomplished? Went out for a rowdy night of drinking on Friday, hid our face in shame Saturday morning/afternoon/evening, seriously contemplated our life choices, and ate copious amounts of delicious hangover food. Now here we find ourselves on this lovely Sunday, the Lord’s day, having to answer for our Friday and Saturday sins. Let us help you do some damage control before your mom calls from the family barbecue to see how you’ve been doing or your snarky friend invites you to Sunday brunch to brag about how together her life is.


Burn off some of those booze/binge eating calories by doing some of these inexpensive and incredibly fun exercises:


1. JumpDance trampoline workouts at JumpLife in TriBeCa = $15. This new workout trend looks about as fun as working out can possibly be. The classes are an interesting and effective way to get a satisfying workout in, redeem yourself from your frivolous weekend activities, and really break a sweat. The concept of the class is fun: spend the entire time jumping on a trampoline while blasting loud music — your seven-year-old self won’t believe that this is something that adults are actually allowed to pass off as legitimate exercise — but you will definitely feel the benefits of this rigorous class. Each JumpDance class is 45 minutes long and costs $15 for first-timers.


2. Kayaking on the Hudson = $0. You won’t believe how easy it is to enjoy this fun activity for a whopping $0. Take the D train down to Canal Street and walk over to Pier 96, where all you need to do is sign a waiver, confirm you are over 18 years of age and know how to swim, grab a fashionable neon life jacket, throw your stuff in your own free locker, and get in a kayak, free of charge! This process honestly could not be any easier. The program is run by friendly volunteers who get you signed up and ready to roll in no more than five minutes. After that, you’re free to kayak in a double or single kayak for essentially as long as you want. Survey the amazing architecture of New York from the Hudson, and wave to the suckers on the wrong side over in Jersey, all the while burning off those pesky weekend-adventure calories.


3. Rent a Citi Bike and cruise the waterfront greenways = $9.95. Citi Bike is the best thing since the invention of waist-control-top tights. All you need to do is find one of hundreds of convenient stations near you and bike all day to your heart’s content. Bike up and down New York’s beautiful waterfront greenways and explore every corner of Central Park like you’ve never done before. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid collisions with roller-bladers, bike messengers, and small children, and you’re on your way to burning an over-indulgent weekend’s worth of calories!


What is your favorite way to guilt-exercise? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or shoot me a tweet @JenksUOhMeASoda