Tired of coming home after work, reheating pasta from your fridge, immediately changing into your sweatpants, and falling asleep while watching Jimmy Fallon? Well, the sweats and Jimmy Fallon are not so bad, but perhaps you might want to trade in your typical boring dinner foods for something more exciting!


Here are four new and exciting eateries to visit in New York City — they are especially great for a hot date (Or for takeout on your sweats and Jimmy Fallon filled nights– your choice).


1. Umami Burger. Originating in California, Umami Burger, has finally come to New York City — praise the delicious hamburger Gods. An Umami burger is no ordinary burger. If there was ever an ancient art to making burgers, we would guess that they have it; their burgers are sweet, savory, spicy and mild. They use their famous “Umami Master Sauce” on all of their delicious burgers and they are all cooked to perfection. Try their delicious Ahi Tuna Burger with their truffle fries.


2. Mexicue. Mexican Barbecue. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. There’s a location in Chelsea on 7th Avenue and another one near Bryant Park on Broadway. Both are equally good; you can’t go wrong with Mexican Barbecue it’s all about the “Mexican Heat + Southern Smoke”! Their food varies in spiciness and in portion size; (you can get a lighter salad or try and conquer an enormous stuffed burrito) but it all tastes like traditional Southern barbecue-y goodness. Their Smoked Chicken Burrito is a knockout and their smokey twist on chips and homemade salsa is also great!


3. Korean Barbecue. Venture down to Midtown West in the little Koreatown enclave and stop by Miss Korea BBQ. They have a delicious traditional Korean menu with some very good options in the arena of Korean Barbecue. Korean Barbecue is one of those types of food that you just have to try once; you either love it or you hate it, but it is so flavorful and well-seasoned that odds are, you will probably love it.


4. Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine. One of the greatest things about New York is that the city of Manhattan makes up a microcosm of hundreds of different cultures that, odds are, you would never come into contact with otherwise. This means you get to experience the authentic versions of ethnic cuisines without traveling across the globe! Like Ethiopian for example.


If you are feeling adventurous and want to try authentic Ethiopian food, you do not have to venture any farther than Injera on 8th Avenue in the West Village. The restaurant is named after the traditional Injera bread, a slightly sour, spongy bread made of teff flour commonly served with Ethiopian food.


Ethiopian cuisine tends to be spicy and highly flavorful, and provides a lot of tasty options in the way of vegetarian dishes. Not only that, it is extremely healthy. Come here for a laid back, casual, and hip ambiance and some very unique and authentic ethnic cuisine.



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