Vitamin Water has quietly swapped some of the sugar in their formula with the natural sweetener, stevia. The new formula has now been labeled “naturally sweetened.”


Ever since the swap, fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their displeasure with the new addition. Some have been commenting that the new formula tastes like “cough syrup” and “chemicals.”


The Huffington Post reports that the new Vitamin Water, “contains slightly less sugar, but the same amount of calories.”


Vitamin Water has been trying to do damage control after the recent posts on their Facebook page and the responses on Twitter. The comments and complaints have caused some serious reactions from Vitamin Water. The company “expects most vendors to completely sell off their remaining inventories and replace it for the new formula by the end of the month,” a spokeswoman said.


The interest in this change goes deeper than the reaction. In 2009, the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, the owner of Vitamin Water, over “deceptive marketing” of their Vitamin Water product. Coca-Cola was accused of making their drink — a beverage that by all accounts is a soft drink — appear to be healthy by marketing it as a sports drink.


In reaction to the lawsuit, Vitamin Water came out with Vitamin Water Zero in 2010. Their swap this year, however, is probably still an effort to try to do damage control by trying to lower the sugar content in order to make their beverage appear more healthful.


“It’s still a high-sugar soft drink,” Steve Gardner, litigation director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, told the Huffington Post. “Now it’s just junk plus stevia.”


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