It is a Friday, and time again to wrap up the news of the world for the week. Check out MUI PR Blog’s picks for this week’s five most notable news stories!


 1. Spain Loses World Cup, Gains A New King

The defending champions of the world are done in Brazil. Following a 5-1 drubbing by the Netherlands and a 2-0 stunner by surging Chile, the Spanish national team has been eliminated from World Cup competition only four years after they won it all in South Africa. Disappointment is rampant in Spain, and the team’s abysmal performance will likely raise some hard questions from the nation’s futbol fanatics.

On the bright side, Spaniards gave a royal welcome to their new monarch, King Felipe IV, at his proclamation ceremony on Thursday. Felipe succeeds the 39 year reign of his father, Juan Carlos, at a time of uncertainty and economic disarray for Spain and for Europe at large. Election wins by Eurosceptic parties across the continent have thrown the future of the EU into doubt, and Spain’s economy is still burdened by staggeringly high rates of unemployment.


2. Redskins Lose Patent To Their Name 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has revoked trademark registration on the NFL Washington Redskins name, calling the nomer “disparaging” to Native Americans.

The move marks the latest blow to team owner Dan Snyder’s belligerent refusal to change the football organization’s storied title. While the loss of the trademark does not automatically entail a name change, it does impact the team’s ability to profit off their title.


3. Israel’s Search For Missing Teenagers Expands 

Israel has stepped up its search for three missing teenagers presumed abducted by Hamas, trading fire with Palestinians in a series of vicious gun battles in the West Bank. So far, Israel has claimed the capture of 280 “terrorist suspects” in connection with the kidnappings. The furor further buries attempts to salvage stalled peace talks between the governments of Israel and Palestine, feeding the flames of omnipresent tensions in the region.


4. Calls For al-Maliki’s Ouster In Iraq Intensify 

Iraq’s current leader has much in common with his infamous predecessor. Shia president Housini al-Maliki’s governing has been described as “oppressive and vindictive,” mirroring the iron-fisted rule of Saddam Hussein. Al-Maliki’s systematic marginalization of the country’s Sunni and Kurdish population acted as a spark for the recent ISIS Sunni uprising. Islamic extremists now control over a third of Iraq, and Hilary Clinton has publicly called for al-Maliki’s resignation. Judging from the groundswell of fury directed against the hapless leader, al-Maliki’s time in office could be nearing an end.


5. Benghazi Suspect Captured 

One of the top suspects in a 2012 raid on an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, has been captured by American security forces and will be taken to the United States to stand trial. Ahmed Abu Katallah, the leader of an Islamist militia, is accused of playing a key role in the Benghazi attacks that killed four American personnel, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Abu Katallah will be brought to Washington, D.C., to stand trial in front of a U.S. civilian court, and could face the death penalty for his actions. However, once provided with defense representation the Islamist leader could challenge the legality of his capture, which was conducted on Libyan soil without the knowledge or approval of a weakened Libyan government.


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