As we move into the middle of summer, college move-in dates draws near. College freshmen are getting ready with summer orientation, and they are nervous with excitement for the days when they will be free of their parents’ grasp. The last summer before college is an exciting time, but as the time to leave draws closer, there are several things every college freshmen should do.


1. Get Organized. Move-in day is hectic and rushed; that is why it is important to make sure you have everything in order before you leave your home. In having everything packed and prepared, you will save yourself time and unnecessary stress. It is also important not to overpack. Bring the necessities; over time your room will fill with t-shirts, random frisbees, and other miscellaneous junk. Bringing only what you need will save space.


2. Hang out with the besties. Many people feel the need to see every friend they had in high school before they leave for college. Although this is nice in theory, spending the majority of time with close friends and family is more important. During college, everyone’s lives become busy with jobs, and living in different places. Therefore, finding time to see your best friends becomes increasingly more difficult. Spend time with your close friends and make memories you will cherish forever because those peripheral friends¬†from high school will likely fade from your life.


3. Forget about worrying, and have fun. The summer before college is one of the best, most carefree summers of your life. Forget stressing about future college courses, careers, or making new friends, those will all come in time. Focus on enjoying this time to be young, exploring with friends, staying up late, and being a little careless. The stress of college and careers will continue well into and after college, so now is not the time to worry.


What will you do in your last month before college? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter @whatsthesich