When we throw out our trash it disappears; we do not have to think about it anymore, and life goes on. Trash becomes out of sight and out of mind, and we forget that each piece of trash we throw away has an impact on this earth. Not only does the overwhelming amount of trash we produce have an impact on the environment, but our other actions, such as travel, do as well. Similar to the amount of trash we produce, the amount of greenhouse gases we emit are even more difficult to gauge and control.


A recent Huffington Post article spoke of the changing climate and its impact on tourism.  Climate change, coupled with green house gas emissions from traveling tourists, has a significant impact on popular ski destinations.  As the climate changes, the season for snow is shortened and this affects the ski season for tourists.  When this happens, tourists may have to travel farther north to enjoy a longer, snowier season.  This may be a positive economic boost for more northern regions, but it is only a temporary fix to the larger problem.


Unless more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transportation are developed, tourism that is heavily affected by climate change, such as ski resorts and coral reefs, may not be an option much longer. The harsh reality is unless we change both the way we travel and the way we live, our options will become increasingly limited.


Living our lives in an environmentally conscious way is of growing importance. Not only is the health of our planet in danger, but the way we live our lives is at risk, as well. Even the simplest things — like reusing water bottles and bags, and recycling — can help to curb our impact on the environment. If we choose to continue to live a life blind to our impact, the consequences for ourselves and generations after us may mean a less comfortable and beautiful world.


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