It is easy to look at other people and feel envious that you do not possess some trait, material, or status that they do. Comparing oneself to others is an instinctive tendency we possess as humans, but constantly comparing ourselves to others, and only seeing the things we lack, creates dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Jealousy is a negative mindset that is easy to slip into, but difficult to break.


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Is your social feed giving you feelings of inadequacy?

In today’s world, the advent of social media, like Facebook and Instagram, has created a platform for easily sharing one’s life events and achievements. When browsing one’s newsfeed, it is common to see new relationships statuses, photos from exotic trips, and news articles that feature successful and creative people. This information bombardment about the lives of others can make one feel that his or her own life is boring or inadequate. Studies have shown that people who simply browse Facebook, rather than engaging and posting news themselves, increase feelings of loneliness and disconnection. Oftentimes people spend too much time engaged in the lives of others rather than living their own.


It is important to realize the good things that one has, rather than focusing on what one does not have. Being jealous of others does nothing positive for one’s self-esteem or overall happiness. Rather than worry about what everyone else is doing or achieving, it is better to truly engage in one’s own life and accomplishments. Being actively engaged in life, by setting goals, being ambitious, or simply being content with where and who you are, will lessen the feelings of jealousy for other people lives.


It is easy to forget that everyone has their own struggles and insecurities. The photos on social media only depict the side that they want people to see, creating a glorified version of themselves and their lives. Instead of browsing Facebook and the internet all day, engage in your life. Go out with friends, read a book, exercise, or simply explore the world around you.


The next time someone shares the amazing thing they have accomplished or place they travelled, be genuinely happy for them and try not to compare yourself. If you find yourself becoming trapped in the jealous mindset, remember that you posses a trait or attribute that someone else is probably jealous of.


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