Ever since social media became more than just popular — it is now a must for social interaction. People update the world on just about every moment of their lives. In the golden age of Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and every other platform, most of what a person does is uploaded and documented or shared with other people.


If something is funny, we share. If something is pretty, we share. If we are bored, we share. When we see something we believe to be “share worthy,” we feel the need to capture it on film. If we fail to share one of these moments, we get anxious and uncomfortable, and feel as if we missed out on an opportunity. Letting others know what we are doing can be a way to validate ourselves and prove our lives are exciting or worthy.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to share our experiences with others; this is not a new human phenomenon. At what point, however, does the need to share everything inhibit us from just enjoying the world around us for ourselves? At times, it is important to have moments that are singularly our own. When we are constantly worried about our next post, we can miss out on the depth of the intimate, beautiful, and downright ridiculous moments in life.  Those moments are valid and sacred without the need to share them with the world.


Documenting our lives in pictures in videos is not a bad thing; these photos and videos help us to remember the times and people we cherish. However, people can be weary of photos and how quickly they can be shared on with other people.


The act of putting a camera between you and your life can take you out of the moment. The next time you see a beautiful sunset, or your friend is dancing like a lunatic, take it in, and enjoy it for what it is worth.


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