We live for routine. Our lives are closely tied to the clock, and knowing exactly where we are going and what we are doing. When we find ourselves without a routine or direction, we are filled with a sense of anxiety. This anxiety stems from societal standards and the need to always be progressing toward improvement and success. The structure of our lives revolves around the idea that we must first find security, and then we can find happiness. The problem with this equation is that it leaves little time to get lost and find ourselves. It places too much value in knowing, and little in exploring the unknown. What routine lacks is space for spontaneity.


The word “spontaneous” has a carries with it a somewhat negative connotation, alluding to irresponsibility and the impulsive urges of youth. Staying comfortable and secure is more important than finding true happiness or adventure. Although there is value in routine for living effective and efficient lives, being spontaneous can greatly increase a sense of enjoyment and happiness in one’s life. Spontaneity does not have to come in the form of dropping everything and starting a new life; it can also be part of our daily routine.


There are times when planning is necessary, but there is nothing like driving down the road with no direction. Aimless wandering is a great way to explore an area, and come across new things to do and places to see that you would have never noticed before. Let the day take you where it may — take a left turn where you usually take right, hit a dead end and turn around, forget what you need to do and focus on the here and now. Do not be afraid to take the risk of looking or feeling silly; you never know who you will meet or where you will go.


The benefits of spontaneity are innumerable. It allows your mind to explore and wander, and increases creativity. It invites surprises and makes you ready for whatever is to come. When you are open to whatever may happen, you are less likely to stress. It is a way to save yourself from the humdrum of everyday life and find happiness in the unknown.


Take risks, explore the uncharted, and live a little on the wild side.


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