Snow covered bench in Central Park

Americans are experiencing the coldest winter in almost 25 years.

Americans, themselves, may not be the only ones affected by the blistering cold this winter. The U.S. economy may be off to a slow start for 2014, as retailers are already reporting lackluster sales for January and February.


While meteorologists say that the frigid season may be winding to a close, economists say they expect company CEOs to cite  freezing temperatures when they report less than desirable earnings in the first-quarter of the year.






If CEOs go down that route, it will not be the first time companies have cited the weather as a reason for poor growth.  Avon Products, Inc. and Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. made similar claims, blaming the weather and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on their low earnings.  However, the validity of their claim was put to the test when rivals appeared to have made significant gains despite the disaster.


According to reports, the hiring trend should pick up in February and may improve through out the rest of the year.


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