There is no doubt that selfies have consumed our nation, communally and psychologically. Self-indulgent narcissism now surrounds the popular buzzword, and despite the actual implications of the social fixture, yoga communities worldwide have traded in their content, blissful serenity for backlash against Instagram-posing celebrities.


It’s true that the notion of yoga celebrity is currently trending, but traditionalists fear that social media has muddled the truly ritual aspect of the ancient practice’s true identity. Jennilyn Carson, who runs the New York-based blog “Yoga-Dork,” a site that fuses the worlds of yoga and pop culture asks:


“Is yoga art or is it pop culture or a practice that we can share with others? But it’s really our own personal practice that we don’t need to exploit through selfies.”


Namaste to that. Celebrities have persistently shared pictures of themselves practicing yoga poses on the popular social media platform since the site’s launch. Now, yogis contend that the sharing belongs more in the realm of self-promotion rather than actual inspiration. Carson adds that “in a sense, it mocks what yoga is,” since the ancient tradition was shared on the basis of self-reflection and guiding others toward their inner peace rather than flashing one’s individual skill set.


Can yoga somehow settle for both uses? With an array of celebrities like Gisele Bundchen and Lea Michele taking to Instagram to promote themselves, is there a possible way for them to inspire the thousands of followers in their keep? Due to yoga’s culture of humility, would that even be possible? That reality remains to be seen and yet yogis and Instagram adherers worldwide can agree on one thing: Alec Baldwin’s wife really needs to stop posing for her own selfies with baby and stilettos in stow. That’s one thing that both communities can advocate for.


What do you think of celebrities posting yoga selfies on their Instagram accounts? Is it annoying or do you find it to be a source of inspiration? Does the yoga community have a right to be upset? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro