June 3, 2023

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,000 700,000 scam: For 15 years, this Italian believed he had an affair with a famous model

Italian volleyball player Roberto Cazzaniga spent 15 years thinking of getting photos and phone calls from Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio. A terrible fraud cost him over 700,000 euros.

Courier Della Cerra tells the story of this incredibly emotional scam of an Italian volleyball player. For fifteen years, Italian first division player Roberto Cazzaniga wanted to maintain a daily relationship with a woman he believed to be the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio.

He thinks he has a relationship with Alessandra Ambrosio

The trial began in 2008. The 28-year-old athlete was contacted by phone by an acquaintance of a woman. At the end of the line, her narrator says that the model is Alessandra Ambrosio, the model of the famous brand of lingerie called Victoria’s Secret. Roberto Cazzaniga falls into the trap.

“I loved this voice, calling after the call,” the volleyball player explains. Due to calls, there will be many, because their transactions will last for 15 years. Whenever a physical encounter is possible, his narrator slips up and triggers subsequent work, travel and serious heart disease. But Roberto Cazzaniga receives almost daily calls and photos, stolen from the real Alessandra Ambrosio’s social networks.

Behind “Alessandra”, Valeria, 50 years old

Love fraud takes a worrying turn when “Alessandra” starts asking for money claiming a blocked family line. A few thousand euros, when accumulated, will reach 700,000 euros. What warns those closest to Roberto Cazzaniga.

An investigation is opened and it finds the fake Alessandra. Valeria, 50, who lives in Sardinia, has finally taken off her mask. Roberto Cazzaniga told Italian journalists he “fell in love and wanted to be like a blue man”. He is so distressed and in financial trouble that he can count on the support of his relatives and his teammates to open a kitty to help him “start a new life”.

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