June 3, 2023

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260 militants were expelled from Azovstal, the result of the Ukrainian opposition in Mariupol

This was undoubtedly the result of a bloody siege. More than 260 Ukrainian militants, including 53 wounded Were evacuated Monday evening Azovstel Steelworks, The last stronghold of the Ukrainian opposition In Mariupol. In the process, Ukrainian civil servants announced the end of the “war mission” in the strategic port city. Controlled by Russia.

“On May 16, 53 wounded were evacuated from Azovstal to Novosovs for medical assistance, and 211 were evacuated to Olenivka via the humanitarian corridor,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Kanna Malyar announced in a video. Both locations are located in eastern Ukraine, a territory controlled by Russian and pro-Russian forces, but Khanna Malyar noted that “within the framework of the transfer process, the militants should be sent back to the territory controlled by Ukraine in the future.”

“Save our comrades”

“Mariupol Garrison has accomplished its mission of war”, Ukrainian public servants said in a statementIndicates that he ordered the commanders in Azovstal to “save the lives of their servants.”

“Rescue operations by security forces stationed in the Azovstal area are continuing,” the report continued, noting how many Ukrainian soldiers remained on the scene. “Mariupol’s Defenders are the heroes of our time. They are forever in history.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in a video that “saving the lives of our comrades” is the main thing. “I want to emphasize this: Ukraine needs its living heroes. This is our policy,” he added.

Probably several hundred players left

Last week, Ukrainian authorities said more than 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers – 600 wounded, according to one of their commanders – were still in the underground galleries of these massive steel works, which had become a symbol of Ukrainian opposition to the Russian invasion. Launched on February 24th.

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For more than a month they besieged the strategic port of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, which had been attacked by Russian troops at the start of the war, and today they have been completely destroyed.