June 3, 2023

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3 missile launches: Is North Korea preparing for nuclear test?

The tests were described by South Korea as “serious provocation”.

Since 2006, the North Korea Has created many Nuclear tests In its territory, it is causing concern among international authorities.

On first arrival Joe Biden As president in Asia, many expected the strength of North Korea.

But really hours after Joe Biden’s departure, The North Korea Decided to start 3 missiles.

3 missiles were launched including one Suspected ICPM

Le Chief of Staff The South Korean military said 3 missiles Removed from Sunan area, In North Korea. The message said that they would have flown in the direction of WaterOf the Northeast of the country.

Missiles are fired all around 6h35This Wednesday May 25.

One of them is really one ICPM, An intercontinental ballistic missile. Would have traveled 360 km At maximum height 540 km.

According to JapanThe missiles would not have landed at sea North KoreaMaking the situation worse.


Very soon, the President of South Korea Yoon Suk-yol There was strong condemnation of launching these missiles “Severe provocation”.

Commenting on the move, his team said: “Threat to international peace”.

In addition, the news agency Yonhop Revealed that South Korea May have mobilized about thirty peopleF-15K fighter jets Response to North Korean missiles.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida He also explained that there were no such launches “Unacceptable” And they “Threat to peace, stability and security in Japan and the international community”.

The U.S. officials They used the opportunity to reassure Military support “All Evidence” Presented to Japan and South Korea.

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Simple force scene, or ready for a nuclear test?

Shortly after the three missiles were launched, The Office of the President of South Korea He said the country has seen signs that it is one “ExperienceWith a glance Nuclear test.

However, nothing seems certain.

The launch could be seen as a response to discussions between US and South Korean presidents Future Joint Military Exercises.

Defender Indicates that both people are considering sorting U.S. Military Resources More powerful in South Korea Threat Reflects Kim Jong Un.