March 22, 2023

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4-week trend: Summer holiday weather until August 21

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Every week, the monthly weather trend is updated. It covers the period from 25th July to 21st August and marks the main summer school holidays and the end of the harvest and the start of the grape harvest. The trend highlights a slight decline in temperatures next week, except in the southeast. A new peak of extreme heat will occur in early August with a few thunderstorms. The drought will continue. Thunderstorms are not expected to offset the deficit.

Very hot and prolonged dry weather has settled in the country since the beginning of July, except for some stormy rains, which are not enough to offset the drought. If temperatures drop slightly during the week, this July should be one of the hottest and driest 3 months on record.

Week of July 25 to 31: Bearable heat, but still rain…

During the last week of July, the weather will be more mixed and cooler with the direction of flow from west to north-west with maritime breeze. However, time does not bother; Fewer long days with cloudy weather and fine weather but with some rain or thunderstorms. Heat will become bearable again in the southeast, with high temperatures expected to persist on windy days with a risk of fires.

Week 1There is Till August 7: New high of high temperature with thunderstorms

A cold front could develop in Portugal, rekindling fears of rising temperatures from the south-west. It is difficult to be precise at this time, but the state of temperature in the country will again depend on the state of this cold fall. A priori, the south will be more affected by the heat, even if temporarily the latter goes as far north. A cold fall, during this time, can bring instability with heavy and stormy weather. Again, these storms are scattered and not everyone is in the same boat.

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Week of August 8 to 14: Summer weather with high temperatures

A counter-cyclone bordering the British Isles should bring good summer weather over the country. Most of our area will be sunny with a few heat storms later in the day in the south and east of the country, especially near the reliefs. Temperatures will be slightly cooler, but still above seasonal norms.

Week of August 15 to 21: Very unsettled and stormy weather in the south

The 3rd week of August will see the weather become more unsettled, with frequent stormy showers from the Alps to the Mediterranean region and near the Pyrenees. The reliability of this weather trend is limited at this time, but this highly volatile trend could be good news for areas affected by more severe and prolonged droughts. The northern part of the country is likely to be under the influence of anticyclonic conditions with a dry and very hot climate.

So this month of July will end with a distinct lack of rainfall, although some storms are expected. Temperatures will drop slowly while being above normal for the season. At least in the south it will be warm again at the beginning of August with the threat of extreme heat. So it is important to monitor this period. Finally, we should see cooler conditions with more stormy weather in the south during the second ten days of August.

Next update Thursday, July 28 at 5 p.m.

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