May 30, 2023

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58 shocking rules that Jeffrey Epstein’s staff must follow at his Palm Beach mansion

Story – Kislyn Maxwell, who is said to be an associate of the millionaire, once drew up a list of rules that employees must carefully follow, which we learned on the fifth day of his trial. Those who wear their uniform and manner of speaking.

One might think that the properties of Jeffrey Epstein, The stream of young women and young women in the service of the sex hunter would be a kind of anarchic kapua. We will be wrong. It was like a Windsor house in Palm Beach. Or at the home of the Marquis de Chad.

Fifth day Investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s side force, Accused of being his “Discount” And complicit, the jurors found that order with a certain surprise Kisline Maxwell. We had fun, but we didn’t laugh. The behavior of each employee was carefully recorded in a kind of manual designed in 2005, in which no less than 58 rules must be strictly adhered to.

A gun on the nightstand

First and foremost, every employee, according to the former butler, “Do not look at anything, do not ask anything, do not say anything, except to answer a question that is asked directly to you”.GirlMaxwell wanted to sell the Florida property to 358 El Brilllow Way

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