June 1, 2023

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A father had to choose between saving his wife or his unborn child, a terrible decision!

The head of this family is called Michael Gerry. He had to to face One of the worst situations for a father and husband. In fact, he had to take Heavy end From whom it is necessary to save Among health girl where New born. We tell you everything here.

Difficult pregnancy

Michael didn’t get Jerry’s friend Stephanie Brown pregnant easily. It is at the end 18 weeks pregnant said the young woman lose fluid amniotic. So the father-to-be decides to rush his wife to the emergency room. But there is bad news. In fact, after the examination, they realize that the child has a problem. Her body size is very large LungsThey are too many Small.

The doctors were very reassuring about the health of the unborn child. It was then that the couple had to be informed that the child would not be born. But in hope Potential improvement Or in a desperate gesture to regret nothing, they left the young woman Continue the pregnancy.


The young mother, along with the future father, continued the pregnancy. But after 6 weeks, the young woman has to go to the hospital. Indeed, she is About childbirth. It is not a truly happy moment for the couple who fear that they may not hear the baby’s cry till the end. But while his wife was in labor at the hospital, the father had an experience Awful embarrassments. Indeed, a doctor came to see him, already distressed, and said a few words to him. Michael testifies “A doctor took me alone and asked: ‘If things go wrong, Who should we save? Mother or child?”. A very reassuring question.

In fact, the situation began Aug Important. The umbilical cord just broke. As a result, the health of the mother and child is dangerous. “I was scared. When I learned that my fiancee’s life was in danger, my heart froze. All that mattered to me at the time, She was fine”.

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A happy father

Beyond this already very reassuring predicament, and beyond the complexity of the situation, this moment brought back the worst memories for this father. In fact, the pair had already had to overcome Miscarriage In the past. But despite this they insisted that this time this child was born. “They took my son. Everything was very quiet. then, He started crying. We were all surprised. His cry was clear and powerful. It is a Real relief For everyone”.

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Still the The fight was long. Although the birth of little Mickey made his father crazy with joy, he weighed only 500 grams. This is why his first three weeks of life did not take place at home, but in the hospital. But the boy was able to leave the intensive care unit and go to a hospital closer to his father and mother, where his condition began to improve. But very soon he has deteriorated. His body has changed Too big for little ones Lungs of this child. The father of the family testifies “The doctors saidThey couldn’t Get rid of it”.

Mickey was born in November last year and cried. But this year on July 24, He’s gone. After a long and hard fight, this boy could not survive. His grieving father says “He is the brightest star I know. I will never forget The impact my son made He really was on this earth A warrior”. One more thing Tough test For existing couple in mourning.

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