June 3, 2023

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A historic victory for Gustavo Pedro, the country’s first left-wing president

700,000 more votes than his opponentOn Sunday, Gustavo Pedro won with 50.44% of the vote.

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This is a historic vote. Opposition leader Gustavo Pedro became the first left-wing president in Colombia’s history on Sunday, June 19. “Converter” A country in crisis and a country that has never known such a change. “Real change, we are committed to real change”The 62-year-old senator began the evening of his victory on the stage of a large concert hall in Bogot, in the presence of hundreds of his cheerful supporters.

“Government taking office on August 7 will be one of life, peace, social justice and environmental justice.”He listed the next head of state of the Colombian government, along with his family, his relatives and his wife, the Aphrodisiac Francia Marquez.

Former mayor of Bogot, Gustavo Pedro, a former member of the far-left guerrillas who converted to social democracy, received 50.44% of the vote, while his rival, businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, received 47.31% of the vote in the second round of provisional results. Presidential election on Sunday.

With 11.2 million votes in his favor, the senator defeated his opponent by nearly 700,000 votes (10.5 million). Participation 58%.

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