June 3, 2023

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“A life or death situation” … one of the accused pleads for self-defense

Those charged with murder rarely testify. But like young people Kyle Returnhouse A Kenosha, Travis McMichael, one of them Three whites tried For that African-American Jagger Ahmed Arbery was killed, In Georgia, “wanted to give [sa] Version ”led. On Wednesday, he assured jurors that he, his father and a neighbor, had followed the victim suspected of robbery, armed, and arrested the citizen. Ahmed Arbery claims he tried to pick up his gun, but he pleads defensive: “I shot him.” It is a life and death situation. “

Travis McMichael testified that in early February 2020 he saw “a black man” enter a nearby house under construction and, after seeing him, “grabbed” his belt “armed”. He then calls the police, claiming he may be guilty of multiple thefts in the neighborhood.

Two weeks later, on February 23, his father, Gregory McMichael, returned home in silence, indicating that the same man had returned. Father and son jump in their pick-up with a gun and pistol. After a while the next door neighbor follows them.

The cross-examination will come

Travis McMichael promises to “ask for an explanation” from Ahmed Arbury. At the wheel of his vehicle, he came to the jaguar at low speed and tried to talk to him: “He looked very angry, his teeth clenched and did not respond. “

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Two minutes later, Travis McMichael says the Jagger is running towards the vehicle. Then he plays it for the first time. “My experience (as a coast guard) is that taking out a weapon usually means that it’s better to support one person,” he insists – which could turn him into an aggressor. Prosecutors may have troubled him during the cross-examination, which did not begin Wednesday and was scheduled to continue Thursday.

Immediately the argument ensues. Travis McMichael says he got out of his pickup because Ahmed Arbery “rushed” toward the side of the passenger where his father was. CCTV footage did not show the worst moment of the conflict. Wiping away tears, Travis McMichael vowed, “I shot him. He grabbed my gun, he hit me, and if he took the gun from me, it was clear it was a life and death situation. “