June 1, 2023

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A misguided blind man who received 170,000 euros in aid was surprised at the wheel of a car

The Italian man, who has been receiving government funding for years for low vision, was arrested on Wednesday, December 15, on suspicion of fraudulently involved in driving, scooters and window shopping, according to media reports. A resident of Palermo, Sicily, has received a minimum of 170,000 euros ($ 191,000) in aid since 2008.Completely blindDue to a congenital problem.

Italian financial police have been warned in 2018 after a fake visually impaired person renewed his driver’s license, according to press reports. Police, who were watching him, caught him tapping his cellphone at the same time driving, looking out the shop windows as he walked through the busy shopping arcade, and teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle. The 40-year-old drove the scooter without insurance, Palermo Today reported, nicknamed him. “BerlusconiAfter the name of the former Prime Minister of Italy who was embroiled in court cases.

He was sentenced to nearly 15 years in prison in 2020 for joining a network that carried out false traffic accidents to collect insurance money, police said. This sentence is on appeal. Although he owns a garage, the suspect “Basic incomeMonthly wages in Italy for poor citizens.

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