March 22, 2023

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A mysterious hole discovered in China reveals an ancient forest – version du soir Ouest-France

Scientists have discovered a giant sinkhole in the Guangxi region of southern China. Depth: 192 meters! Inside is an ancient forest. Discovery.

One of the largest holes has been discovered in Guangxi, China. (Map: West-France)

A team of Chinese scientists has discovered a large submerged forest inside, the news agency reported Xinhua Saturday, May 7, 2022. General geographical formation of the landscape of southern China. Experts in the Guangxi region made this discovery.

“A Large Groove”

Cave team leader Zhang Yuanhai said the hole was discovered “306 m long, 150 m wide and 192 m deep, it has a volume of more than 5 million cubic meters and can be classified as a large submarine.”He told the Chinese news agency.

He also clarified that they had discovered. Three large caves in the wall, which are thought to be remnants of the early development of the abyss. An ancient forest, well preserved, found at the bottom of the abyss. ⁇

According to geologist George Wayne, an expert on caves and other pits, this finding should come as no surprise. In fact the US researcher said that the landscape of southern China is ideal for this type of formation. Direct scienceA scientific information website.

Giant pits

Giant sinkholes are sinkholes or giant pits with special geographical features. The formation of this type of valley is very simple: they are modeled from the shore of the rock, explains Live Science.

Rainwater, being slightly acidic, magnifies them as they enter and pass through the faults. The same faults later turn into tunnels, and when these tunnels become more fragile, their ceiling collapses and a ditch is formed.

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China is not the only country to present this kind of landscape. About 20% of the world’s land area, including Mexico and Papua New Guinea, is made up of caves or volcanoes.

However, the scientific interest in this Asian Singhole is significant. “I would not be surprised to learn that species that have not yet been scientifically reported or described are found in these caves.”Said George Veni.