June 3, 2023

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A new record of over 88,000 pollution in 24 hours in the United Kingdom

For the second day in a row, United Kingdom, Faced the eruption of connected pollution
Variation Omicron, With 88,376 new cases filed on Thursday, a new pollution record was set
Corona virus Within 24 hours, health officials said.

With 146,937 deaths, including 146 in the last 24 hours, the United Kingdom is one of the most affected countries in Europe by Govt-19. On Wednesday, authorities held More than 78,000 cases have already been registered.

Limited activities

The government has imposed only limited measures. Although they are not strictly prohibited, many “Christmas parties” of companies and organizations in the UK have been canceled, much to the chagrin of pubs.

If Prime Minister Boris Johnson had advised people to “think carefully before you go” to a restaurant or pub, Chris Witty, the UK’s chief medical officer, would have gone further. He called on Britain to limit contact to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus.

Warning in Windsor

Queen Elizabeth II, 95 too, As a precaution abandonedAt her traditional family reunion on Tuesday at Windsor Castle for the first time since the death of her husband Philip in April, fifty people were to be reunited.

According to industry experts, almost a quarter of the reserved seats are vacant for work shows. Holiday plans are also falling: British will be barred from entering France from Saturday. The French had to produce a negative test in less than 24 hours and isolate themselves when they arrived while waiting for a second negative test.