March 22, 2023

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A police officer was killed and another injured in the stabbing attack

According to a judicial source, there is “suspicion” of a terrorist motive, but investigators are yet to gather evidence to support it.

The Belgian capital’s public prosecutor’s office told Belga news agency that a policeman suffered injuries after he was attacked with a knife in Brussels on Thursday evening. According to a judicial source contacted by AFP, there is “A Doubt” Terrorist motivation, but investigators have yet to gather evidence to support it. The investigation at this stage is being conducted by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, not the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, which has jurisdiction over organized crime and terrorism matters, the same source said. The attacker was injured and hospitalized.

A terrorist attack?

The incident took place at around 7:15pm (6:15pm GMT) in the Brussels municipality of Cherbeek in the Gare du Nord district. A neutral attacker by a patrol would have yelled “Allah Akbar” According to several Belgian media, two agents were stabbed to death. The information is yet to be confirmed by the government. “The two police officers called for reinforcements. A policeman from another patrol used his gun to neutralize the assailant. The two injured inspectors and the assailant were taken to hospital. The facts have been reported to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office,” said the Brussels-North police zone as quoted by Le Soir.

According to multiple media reports, the suspect suffered gunshot wounds to the legs and abdomen. He was taken to hospital along with two injured police officers. One of the two who was hit in the neck did not survive. “A Perimeter is Established”, the prosecution said. However, the author’s intentions are now unknown.

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