February 9, 2023

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A wild turkey attacks passers-by and sows panic in the park – edition du soir Ouest-France


No one dares to walk the streets of a city park in Washington, DC. Since February 2022, the most aggressive wild turkey has stayed there. She has already hit a dozen.

(Map: West-France)

“Occupying Wild Turkey Occupying the Anacostia River”. This is a warning message posted on the website on February 24, 2022 Kenilworth Park and Aquatic GardensA city park in Washington, DC United States. “Do not go near the turkey or stop in the path”, Added. Thus public gardening in this area has been limited for a few months. But what could this animal, which at first glance seem harmless, have done?

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A dozen victims

The American newspaper reports that this wild turkey attacks joggers and cyclists The Wall Street Journal . A dozen pedestrians were attacked and people ended their walk even in the hospital. Some needed emergency medical care, while others were given a tetanus shot and prescribed antibiotics.

A 6-year-old animal, up to one meter high and running at speeds of up to 15 km / h, strikes passers-by with its hooks. It also seems to be becoming more and more aggressive. We do not know how the turkey got there and why it came so high. However, the breeding season of these birds lasts from March to May, which can be explained by the local media.

Nothing seems to stop it

Inevitably, with multiple attacks, city officials became involved. First, with signs of danger. These are not enough to be installed in the park.

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Six municipal agents were then dispatched to the scene to catch the animal, rather than where it was often nomadic. There is no question of killing it, the species disappeared a century ago. Even if it turns out, step The Wall Street JournalThose species have been returning to the United States for some years, and they are today “About 7 Million Nationwide”.

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Coexistence between man and animal is not always easy, as in the case of turkey attacks in Washington Park. “Unfortunate meetings with the public have increased from California to Massachusetts.”Add The Wall Street Journal.

In Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, city officials have so far failed to catch the animal. The bird is very difficult to approach. He manages to avoid all the traps set by the agents. When they thought the turkey was finally curled up on a bridge, it could not escape, it finally jumped into the water and swam across the river to save itself. Turkey “ Terrorist She is invited to Washington, so she is still relaxed.