June 3, 2023

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After the impeachment and arrest of Pedro Castillo, Vice President Tina Bolvard became the head of the country.

A resolution accusing the Peruvian president of “moral incapacity” was widely approved on Wednesday, hours after he tried to dissolve parliament.

Peru is in the grip of a deep political crisis. Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was detained at a police base in Lima on Thursday, December 8, a day after his impeachment and arrest in a day full of twists and turns that saw his Vice President Tina Bolvarde invested at the head of the country.

A third impeachment got the better of the de facto leftist president. Pedro Castillo tried his luck and announced the dissolution of the parliament that had tried to overthrow him, a maneuver immediately qualified. “riot” By many personalities.

“Moral Impairment”

Pedro Castillo, 53, came to power in July 2021 “arrested”, Attorney Marita Barretto announced. Footage showed the ousted head of state sitting in a chair, surrounded by prosecutors and police.

According to Peruvian media, Pedro Castillo was transferred by helicopter to a police special forces base in Lima, where he is expected to be held for a maximum of 15 days. The prosecution also raided the Presidential Palace on Wednesday evening. His dismissal “moral incapacity”, The live telecast was approved by 101 of the 130 parliamentarians, including 80 opposition parties.

In a last-minute attempt to save his position, the former president announced the dissolution of parliament hours before parliament was due to meet to decide his fate. He had also announced an establishment “Government of Extraordinary Emergency” and should “Convene a new Congress with powers as soon as possible”. A maneuver ignored by Parliament and widely condemned by the political class.

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Dina Boluarte in power until “July 2026”.

According to the police, after his failed attempt to disperse, Pedro Castillo intended to seek asylum at the Mexican consulate, but he was arrested earlier. “Today there was a coup in pure 20th century style”, He rebuked the president of the Constitutional Court, Francisco Morales, for assuming that “No one obeys a usurping government”.

Dina Poluarte repeated during an investiture ceremony in front of the parliament, wearing a presidential sash, to be sworn in as Peru’s first female president.There was a coup attempt by Pedro Castillo”. “You guessed it [e pouvoir] According to the Constitution of Peru, from this moment” and up “July 2026”, As Pedro Castillo’s mandate ends, said the 60-year-old lawyer, who, like him, belongs to the Marxist-inspired party (Free Peru).

Pedro Castillo had already escaped two impeachment convictions “Moral Impairment”. A procedure He previously defeated two incumbents, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (right) in 2018 and Martin Vizcarra (center) in 2020. He was accused of repeated ministerial crises and the formation of four governments, an unprecedented event in Peru. .